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Corelis offers several high-performance JTAG boundary-scan hardware controllers and modules. These controllers and modules work in conjunction with Corelis software offering a fully integrated development environment that includes test program generation, test program execution, In-System Programming, and productivity enhancing utilities.

JTAG Boundary-Scan Controllers


JTAG Boundary-Scan Controllers


Corelis offers a wide selection of hardware interfaces to the PC. Bus architectures such as PCI Express, PCI, PXI/cPCI, USB 2.0, and Ethernet are all supported. The wide variety of hardware controllers provide multiple Test Access Ports (TAPs), user selectable voltages, and test clock (TCK) rates up to 100 MHz.

JTAG Boundary-Scan Controllers


JTAG Controllers for High-Volume Production Systems



Corelis additionally offers controllers for concurrent board testing and In-System Programming solutions targeting users looking for high-throughput boundary-scan applications including high-volume production. Four, Eight, and Thirty-two TAP control modules provide the necessary hardware connections to the test units.

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JTAG Boundary-Scan Modules



Corelis offers I/O modules that allow users to add JTAG control and visibility to connectors, test points, traces, and other logic that otherwise cannot be tested using boundary-scan. These modules provide additional boundary-scan pins which connect with external board interfaces such as PCI edge connectors and DIMM sockets to increase boundary-scan test coverage.

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Corelis Software/Hardware Flowchart

Diagram of ScanExpress Software
ScanExpress JET or TPG with Runner and optional software packages
This diagram represents how ScanExpress software works together in providing a solution optimally geared according to your needs.  Click on the diagram to visit individual software/hardware pages, or use the links below.

  • ScanExpress TPG
  • ScanExpress JET
  • ScanExpress DFT Analyzer
  • ScanExpress Merge
  • ScanExpress Runner
  • ScanExpress Runner Gang
  • ScanExpress ADO
  • ScanExpress RunnerClick
  • ScanExpress Viewer
  • ScanExpress Debugger
  • ScanExpress Programmer
  • ScanExpress Flash Generator

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