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Improve Productivity and Reduce Time to Market

Corelis customers appreciate improved productivity and reduced time to market

The ongoing marketing drive for reduced product size, such as portable phones and digital cameras, higher functional integration, faster clock rates, and shorter product life-cycle with dramatically faster time-to-market has created new technology trends. JTAG technology is the only cost-effective solution that can deal with the above problems.  Read about Corelis Success Stories that helped our customers to bring their products to market faster.

Corelis ScanExpress Tools Decrease Test Development Time and Increase Test Coverage for Saia-Burgess

Boundary-scan, a non-intrusive digital test technology, proved an ideal fit for Saia’s increased testing requirements. Saia-Burgess quickly found advantages and benefits to complementing existing test procedures with Corelis tools.

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QSC Streamlines Production Test with ScanExpress JET

QSC has been using Corelis ScanExpress boundary-scan test systems to ensure that all manufactured products are free from defects, primarily because it is an ideal solution for QSC’s digital products: boundary-scan provides non-intrusive test coverage without requiring external probe access. “Boundary-scan is our main board-level test platform,” explains QSC Digital Test Engineer, Sean Summers. “Bed of nails simply isn’t viable for the type of products that we build.”

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SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory Saves Time and Money Using Corelis Boundary-Scan Tools

O’Grady explained, “Two days of troubleshooting per board is excessive, especially when highly skilled personnel need to be involved. When five boards are bad, two weeks of my time is tied up causing major delays on other projects. It simply got to a point where we needed to either reduce the debug time or assign the task to someone else.”

“The Corelis tools have allowed me to recover lost time. When five boards have problems, not only do Corelis tools save me two weeks worth of work, but I can deliver five boards that much faster!”

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Corelis’ Boundary-Scan Test Products Solve Difficult Prototype Problems at Vanguard Managed Solutions, Saving Countless Hours of Non-Productive Debug Work

Vanguard Managed Solutions (VanguardMS) has been designing, developing, and deploying innovative and cost-effective networking solutions for over 40 years. During that period VanguardMS has established an enviable track record by focusing on “time-to-market” as the most critical element in successfully delivering complete managed-network solutions to meet the needs of its hundreds of customers around the world. In recent years VanguardMS has relied on Corelis’ ScanExpress Boundary-Scan test systems to shorten its development cycles and bring new products to market sooner by improving the productivity of its engineers in the development and debugging of prototype units.

Scott Dextradeur is an MS Production Test Engineer at VanguardMS whose responsibilities include the testing of production-run assemblies. An exceptional case was recently presented to Scott when a group of R&D engineers came to him urgently requesting help to “bring-up” a CPU-based prototype board.

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Corelis Boundary-Scan Tools Help Streamline Production Throughput while Reducing Development Cost at Navman NZ Ltd.

Navman is a leading manufacturer of world-class marine electronics and Global Positioning System (GPS) technology. Established in 1988, the New Zealand based company provides a diverse range of navigation technologies across wide ranging industries.

Terry Dagnin is the lead test engineer at Navman and is responsible for Inspection, Test, and Test Engineering. Terry came to Corelis looking for test solutions that are capable of probing areas of printed circuit board assemblies that are difficult to access due to fine pitch components such as Ball Grid Array (BGA) devices.

The design and test engineers at Navman were under a deadline to introduce their iCN 630 portable in-vehicle navigation product to market and announce it at the 2003 International Consumer Electronics Show. Navman’s first pilot production run was 1,000 units. Testing and very fast in-system programming were critical for on schedule delivery.

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Corelis JTAG tools provided real benefits for Ixia in testing Double-Data Rate SDRAM memories through Xilinx VertexE FPGAs

Located in Calabasas, California, Ixia is a leading developer of sophisticated optical and electrical network traffic performance analysis solutions. Mr. Xinchen Wang, Hardware Engineer at Ixia, is responsible for JTAG testing and verification for one of Ixia’s new interface load modules.

According to Xinchen Wang, to achieve increased net coverage through JTAG testing for Ixia’s new traffic generation and analysis tool, it is important to first verify that all the FPGA’s external Double Data Rate (DDR) SDRAM connections are properly placed and functioning correctly to aide in further design troubleshooting.

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2Wire Corporation Significantly Reduces Time-to-Market Schedule by Pushing Corelis Boundary-Scan Technology to its Limits

2Wire, Inc. delivers a full suite of broadband products and services to the residential marketplace. The 2Wire HomePortal™ family of products are the first intelligent residential gateways to integrate the wealth of options available through the Internet and create a complete home data, voice, and entertainment network.

An enormous product development and testing challenge faced 2Wire, a Silicon Valley start-up specializing in producing broadband residential gateways for the consumer market. “We committed to an extremely aggressive time-to-market schedule,” says Bill Schimandle, senior test engineer for 2Wire,“ which required us to develop new strategies in software development, board prototyping, hardware bring up, and production testing”.

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Smartbits Systems Dramatically Increases Production Yields with use of Corelis' ScanExpress Boundary-Scan Tester

Smartbits Systems, a SPIRENT COMMUNICATIONS company, specializes in high-performance analysis and measurement systems for the networking industry, data service providers, and end-users worldwide.

“To achieve complex product functionality in small size packages, Smartbits Systems is developing and producing densely populated boards with many high-speed BGA parts,” said Surin Shaw, Test Engineering Manager at Smartbits Systems.

When previously testing Smartbits Systems’ densely populated boards, Mr. Shaw noticed an increasing failure rate and lower yields as the boards became more dense. In advance of new products and technologies where the migration of BGA components into the design was imminent, Smartbits Systems needed new tools to detect shorts and opens underneath the BGA components. X-ray was one option but is not fully effective at detecting opens. At that point, Mr. Shaw decided to look for test methods that will find interconnect and other manufacturing defects prior to running the functional test. Considering various alternatives, boundary-scan appeared to be the right solution for these types of problems.

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Daresbury Laboratory

Corelis' ScanExpress keeps Rapid2 on track Corelis' boundary scan test tool ScanExpress finds manufacturing defects in complex high-speed data acquisition cards and enables scientific project to keep to schedule

Brackley, UK - 17th December 2001 - Engineers at Daresbury Laboratory are using Corelis' boundary scan tool, ScanExpress to validate the interconnect including memory interconnect between hundreds of ICs on a number of complex 19 inch (12U) data acquisition cards for the laboratory's Rapid2 project. The cards are 10- layer PCBs, populated both sides, and many of the components used are packaged in ball-grid-arrays (BGAs), making probe testing impossible.

By performing automated boundary scan tests ScanExpress can validate the PCB's interconnect (more than 32,000 nets connecting more than 1800 components) in a matter of seconds. This and ScanExpress' ability to marry boundary scan description language (BSDL) models of the card's components with the design's netlist, means comprehensive tests and programming files are created automatically.

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